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Will Postgres Live Forever? – Bruce Momjian

Good morning, everyone. It’s quite exciting to finally be here. I know that I have gone through a lot to get here. And there’s a certain amount of uncertainty, but we made it. You know, it’s not every day that just going to a conference is like a heroic deed. But we’re almost there. It’s based on the kind of environment we’re in now. So I appreciate you making it out to this. It is exciting. I’ve been, I guess this is my third in person conference since the pandemic started. Things are starting to open up a little bit, we shall see. But again, it’s great to be back in New York. I don’t know how many of you have been at a Postgres conference in this hotel before.. I was, anybody else? No, I didn’t think so. Yeah, it just was probably seven, eight years ago. So it is really cool to be back.

My name is Bruce Momjian, and I do work for enterprise EDB. And I am one of the Postgres core team members. And Mark Linster was kind enough to mention my talk, actually, in his keynote this morning, because he learned some things about how open source lifecycle works and how basically, open source evolves differently than proprietary software. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about today.

It is really an interesting talk, very positive, because there are some really cool things about open source. If you’re curious about the darker side, I actually have another talk on my website, which is listed right down here called Future Postgres challenges. So although this is wonderful, everything’s great talk, there are continually potential problems, that’s essential things, we have to, you know, navigate and avoid. And, unfortunately, we’ve had a very long history of success as a project. But it doesn’t happen as an accident, we’re always looking to make sure that the project is positioned well, and that we are considered to be leaders in the industry, and so forth. So if you’re interested in that other future post, Chris challenges me again, check it out on my website. Also, these slides are on my website. There’s another 55 other presentations on my website, 90 some videos and over 600 blog entries. So if you’re curious about it, check it out.

Outline of the presentation

1. Will Postgres Live Forever?

2. Outline

3. Forever is a Long Time

4. Brief Digital History

5. Software Life Cycle

6. Proprietary Software Life Cycle

7. Open Source Software Life Cycle

8. llustrative Example of Open Source Growth

9. Proprietary and Open Source Development Flow, Rise of Open Source

10. Linux

11. Postgres

12. Many Focuses

13. When Does Software Die?

14. Ideas Don’t Die

15. Open Source Survey, 2016

16. Advantages of Open Source

17. Open Source Today and in 2016

18. Advantages of Open Source for Database Decision Makers

20. Postgres Extendability

21. Postgres Extension Data Type

22. Postgres Server-Side Languages

23. Postgres Index Types

24. Postgres Innovation: Full Text Search

25. NoSQL

26. Range Types

27. Geometric Types

28. GIS

29. Foreign Data Wrappers

30. Data Analytics

31. Sharding

32. Community Structure

33. Still Going Strong, PgLife

34. Conclusion

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