Advantages of open source database to organization

Postgres SQL Development: Building Robust and Scalable Applications

This slide I really kind of love. One of the things having been in industries for so long, is trying to understand if you’re entering the organization, how do you promote Postgres to decision makers? Okay. And I have a blog entry about this as well. 

Most people start and think I have to convince the managers to use Postgres. So I’m going to talk about cost savings, I’m going to talk about no lock in, and I’m going to talk about less expensive development. But in many cases, the people who are going to drive Postgres into those organizations are not the managers, because as I said, before, cost saving compared to the migration cost, it may not even make any sense for that manager, right? 

But what would make sense? The ability for developers to have innovation and to speed their development, the ability for administrators to have higher quality database software, and make it customizable and better interoperable, and more options. Okay, so when you’re talking to an organization about bringing your open source in or a database, you should be thinking – Who am I talking to? Am I talking to the people worried about the money or talking to people who do the development or people talking to management? The people you talk about, you talk about the value in a different way. 

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