Top reasons for continued usage of Postgres

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And this slide, I think, is the most interesting. Mark Linster did reference this again, this morning. I didn’t pay him to do that. He just did it on its own. But the point here is that what they did in the survey, is they talked to people who had been using open source for two years. And they ask them: Why did you choose open source two years ago, right? And then what value do you have? Why are you continuing to use open source? So why did you choose it at first, and now why are you continuing to use it?

And the interesting part is that their choice two years ago is different than the reason they’re using it now. 

Okay, so the number one reason that they’re using it finally two years ago, they said was cost. Okay? So you know, this is my classic $5 supermarket chicken, right? So the $5 supermarket chicken gets him into the store, gets him using the software, usually in a small way, but it’s a way of sort of testing, hey, I can save some money, I can use this Postgres thing. I don’t need to buy an expensive fancy database for this particular application, but then you roll forward. 

And all of a sudden, instead of being in this niche application, two years later, that database is all over the place. It’s not saving money anymore. Number one reason that they stayed with open source is innovation and competitive features, right? Because you don’t have the kind of profit maximization, no innovation stages with open source. Okay? It doesn’t have that sort of pathological lifecycle. Freedom from vendor locking, quality of solutions, ability to customize and fix all higher than saving money. Saving money gets him in. But as Mark said, you don’t get people to go to conferences, you don’t get hundreds of blog entries a year, you don’t get, you know, big corporations involved just to save money. The money they’re saving based on their full cost is tiny, right? AT&T I guess isn’t probably excited about saving a huge amount of licensing. What they’re excited about is innovation. You know, same thing for Fujitsu, same thing with all the cloud vendors, okay? Innovation is what they want. The cost is a benefit. But that’s not really I think the major driver.

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