Bruce Momjian: Will Postgres live forever? – Ideas Don’t Die

So, in a way software is ideas, it’s not a physical thing. And ideas don’t die, as long as they’re shared and ideas are shared as long as they’re useful. So I would say Postgres will live as long as it’s useful. 

Oh, yeah, just give you a crazy example. My daughter is majoring in philosophy. And you know, she studies Plato, right? And when I was in college, I studied Plato. And Plato goes back to, I don’t know, something b.c 609, to 1200 b.c, talk like that. I can’t remember how long it goes back. We’re still talking about it. Right? The guy wrote it several millennia ago. And we still talk about Plato. Why? Because his ideas are still relevant today. His ideas still have an application and a use. And that’s why we study and the same thing with pretty much any idea. 

You know, the Iliad is still read, that’s got to be from 1200 or 900 b.c. So again, we have a date on that one. Gomer, Iliad..Yeah, it goes way back. But it was probably the first novel, Iliad, you know, epic novel, that was written and still is steady today, because it still has, you know, they still do movie adaptations of it. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, it was like a spoof of it. But it was pretty funny. But anyway, yeah. 

So that, in a way, when I talked about living forever, that’s what I’m saying. As long as it has a use, it still gets used.

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