Postgres innovation in 1986

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So Postgres innovation, let’s give some examples of this. And actually, this gentleman in the blue, I believe, is at the conference today, so just just throwing that out there. This is Joe Salco. This is actually a picture from… help me here.. Is this Prague or Tallinn? I can’t remember. Anyway, you can go down to the picture down there to see. Anyway, Joe Salco, big SQL author. And he’s obviously been excited about Postgres for many years, lives in Austin.

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I talked about E.F. Codd, as sort of the originator of relational systems in 1970. We’re still kind of going with his ideas 51 years later, it’s kind of surprising.

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Michael Stonebraker, I talked about him. He basically started Postgres in 1986. And one of the key things that he did was to talk about extendibility. He was going to create the next generation of relational system. And that means extendable data types, extendable indexing, extendable server side languages, okay.

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