Bruce Momjian: Will Postgres live forever? – Postgres

That’s also true in the database space. When I was in the 90s, the big databases were, you know, Oracle, Sybase, Informix. I used Ingress and Informix as well, a lot. Oracle is still around, although, again, it’s hard to again, same question. You know, I’m going to I’m going to make a startup and I’m going to standardize on Oracle technology. Like, really, I guess, but it’s kind of a funny thing to say. 

And I speak to a lot of Oracle organizations, Oracle DBas. And I’m like, if you are creating a startup today, would you standardize on Oracle? And they are like, ugh, you know, a lot of it is getting people to change their mindsets, because you’re just used to saying, Oracle was always the thing I wanted. Well, okay, maybe Solaris was always the thing you want it, but it isn’t now. So why would work will always be the thing you want, right? DB2, it’s not at stage 5. It’s probably somewhere in the stage 4 area. 

MSSQL, they’re kind of got their niche, a lot of data warehousing activity there. They’re certainly departmental servers that want something that’s integrated a lot of tooling around it. So they’re kind of going in that ease of use area. Sybase, I think it’s end of life. I don’t think it’s being developed still. Maybe it is. I never heard I don’t hear about it much. Same thing with Informix. Ingress, they made sort of a run at open source for a little while with Computer Associates. And then there was another company. Active Yeah. It’s just a couple years. And, you know, yeah, they had a whole thing. CA is where software goes to die, you know, that kind of thing. So it’s kind of interesting. But again, when 20 years ago, 25 years ago, these were the kings. So the database industry is definitely changing. 

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