Postgres resulting in a better product in features, performance, and reliability

Revolutionizing Technology with Open Source Software Solutions

When we started with Postgres, it was clearly less feature filled, less performant, less reliable than closed source solutions. But because the adoption curve of Postgres was steeper, no matter how low you start, if your adoption curve is steeper, you’re eventually going to cross and surpass. And that’s a fact that’s actually what happened with Postgres. I mean, I think we’re probably somewhere up. I’ll use my pointer here. Right? We are probably somewhere up here. Now, in terms of where we are compared to proprietary database, we didn’t start there. But the point is, because of that open source development process, we were able to improve features, performance and reliability faster than proprietary systems, because this is so much more efficient than that. I mean, the classic question, how do you make a free project with no money better than a billion dollar companies like Oracle and IBM and Microsoft? And the answer is, it’s because this is so efficient. And this is so inefficient (slide 1), and this is so efficient (slide 2).

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