Bruce Momjian: Will Postgres live forever? – Software Life Cycle

So just to give you a life, sort of ridiculousness. This is the computer we had at high school when I was in high school. Okay, this is a 92200 I believe we had one of them for the whole school, okay. It was in Basic. So my point of this slide is twofold. One, obviously, things change a lot. You know, I’m 59. I’ll be 60 on Sunday, but you know, it started at this level is pretty bad, embarrassing now looking at it. But secondly, nobody’s using this anymore. 

This I believe is a picture. I don’t know where this picture is from, but I saw one of these at the San Jose Computer History Museum. So when you see your own computers in a history museum, you’re old, right? Pretty much. 

But the point is that hardware does not last, right. Hardware wears out. It’s a mechanical thing. Typically he kills it or electric spikes or whatever. So the hardware doesn’t last. Nobody’s really, I assume nobody’s using this in production anymore. Software on the other hand, is different, right. So as I said, before Postgres still being used, what is that 35 years later from its origin, still being used. Why? Because it’s not a physical thing. It is a concept. It’s a set of instructions. It’s something that can evolve, right? It doesn’t wear out in the same way as hardware does. 

So when we’re talking about will Postgres live forever, we’re talking about something that effectively is not tangible, but in fact, is an instantiation of somebody’s ideas. And those ideas can be changed or the ideas can be improved, that ideas can be marked, you can be modernized, without having to rip out some piece of hardware, right. 

So that’s, that’s primarily, and if you’re curious what those two little white things are, I think one was brightness, and one was contrast. So I know someone is thinking what those two white things are on the right. I believe that’s what it was. 

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