Bruce Momjian: Will Postgres live forever? – When Does Software Die?

So when does software die, right? Well, if it’s proprietary software, it dies when the owner can no longer make a profit from it, right? That’s the sad ending of a lot of the software that we used to use. And unfortunately, it declines long before its death because of profit maximization. So that sort of limping along, you know, kind of software that we’re kind of used to. It’s sad, but it makes economic sense, right? But it’s not a great place to be for customers. 

Open source can’t die in the same way because again, nobody controls it. It’s sort of this thing that just kind of keeps going. Open source remains active while it serves a purpose. So as long as it can always be resurrected, again, as I said in 1996, Postgres was in a way resurrected to be an internet developed database.

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